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Shingles are not all created equal. There are great shingles, okay shingles and even bad shingles, and even factory seconds. So when it comes to choosing the right roof covering for your home, you need to know the most important factors. First and foremost you need a rugged and stout material that can withstand what nature is going to throw at it. Secondly you need every aspect of your roof to be sealed water tight. Water is the enemy of your homes structure. Water leaks can cause serious damage to your homes structure, breed mold and more. Thirdly you want it to be energy efficient, so it fends off the heat in the summer and the cold in the winter. Lastly you want it to look good and be able to stand the test of time. That is why we chose the absolute best in shingles. Our shingles offer all of this and more, and when combined with our credentialed professional installers, our no-nonsense warranty, and our over 40 years of experience in the field. You cannot be in a better place than Windows, Doors & More.

Curb Appeal Matters More Than You Think

Let’s be honest you work hard for your home and you want it to look it’s best. You don’t want those unsightly brown and black streaks making your roof look old and worn. Those streaks caused by Algae are not only unsightly but also cause serious damage to your roofs shingles.

Algae is naturally occuring and air born and unfortunately that means that if your neighbors roofs have it, then your roof has most likely been exposed it as well. These black streaks are only the visible portion of the problem. The real issues comes from the fact that the algae is feeding on your roofing shingles making them brittle, weak and dull? That is what causes them to blow off, break, make your home harder to cool in the summer. With our Atlas Shingles, we can ensure that your home maintains its curb appeal while ensuring your home gets the superior protection you deserve.

Copper Fights Black Streaks

Atlas shingles featuring Scotchgard™ Protector have:

  • Copper-containing granules with a proprietary 3M™ porous ceramic coating that allow copper ions to release slowly over time.
  • A minimum 10% blend of evenly distributed 3M™ Copper Granules among standard colored granules.
  • Third-party verification of the 3M™ copper granule application.
  • An Atlas Lifetime* Algae Resistance Limited Warranty against black streaks caused by algae.

When you choose a High Quality Roofing from Windows Doors & More, you make a decision that assures the beauty, durability and security of your home for generations.

Our Roofing is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category, keeping you comfortable, your home protected, and your peace-of-mind intact for years to come with our Transferable No Nonsense Warranty.

We offer more than simple shingle roofing too. If you want to enhance the appeal of your home and offer superior protection we offer several options including: Metal Roofing Solutions, Alternative green materials, and many more options which are all Eco-friendly and long lasting!

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