Beautiful and Efficient Replacement Windows

Fort Wayne Replacement Windows


Windows, Doors & More offers several lines of replacement windows to provide you with style, color, price and insulation options to best suit your needs.

Since we are a local Fort Wayne factory store, we have negotiated very aggressive  pricing for all of our window lines, including our famous “Grabill  BuiltHomestar line of windows.  And because Grabill is local, we avoid costly freight and fuel charges.

Your choices in replacement windows begin with style and color. This helps to determine your budget. All our window lines offer double hung, 2-lite Slider, and picture window styles in a standard white. Some of our windows lines offer a wide array of colors varieties including wood-grain textures and colors. Additionally some lines offer casements, 3-lite sliders, shaped picture windows and bays and bows. All of our windows are built to open and lock easily, resist condensation and mildew, and remain weather tight. Compared to other home improvements, replacement windows and doors offer the best return on investment. Our products increase energy efficiency, make your home more comfortable, and enhance the beauty of your home.  New windows from Windows Doors and More© are not only a wise investment, but a chance for you to improve the overall comfort of your home.

What about installation? Our professional window and door installers work exclusively for Windows Doors & More© and are fully bonded and insured.

We also offer our exclusive “Windows, Doors & More No-Nonsense Warranty” which covers all parts and labor and is transferable should  you decide to sell your home. This warranty includes glass breakage and screen replacement. We are very proud of our history of service after  the sale.  Check us out with the Fort Wayne Better Business Bureau to confirm our commitment to our customers.

We strive to make replacing your windows a  positive, pleasant experience.  With our Lifetime Warranty, you can  rest easy knowing we will be here for you if you ever need questions  answered or your windows serviced.

Replacement Window benefits:

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right window for your home. What style of window would you like to replace your current window with? Does one option have more long-term benefits than another? Will you have a good return on your investment? Is there a choice that guarantees peace of mind? Over the next few paragraphs, you’ll learn how window replacement can benefit your home year after year.

Aesthetic appeal:

With Windows, Doors & More, vinyl replacement windows are more than just a utilitarian choice. We offer an ample range of design options to increase your home’s character and uphold its architectural authenticity. For example, premium vinyl windows are made to emulate the look of wood windows used in American Colonial or Georgian architecture. Divided lite patterns are also available to add visual interest. This gives you an impressive array of options to choose from to make your home look exactly the way you want.

Increased value:

In the Greater Fort Wayne area, replacing your windows can increase your home’s value up to 75% (of the improvement cost). New windows can also add to your home’s perceived value or curb appeal. You can count on Windows Doors & More© replacement windows to enhance your home.

Greater energy efficiency:

Replacing older windows with energy star® qualified replacement windows can lower your utility bills. These are designed to prevent air movement through the glass and frames (i.e. drafts), a major source of energy loss. The Low-E and LoE – 3-366 glass we use also helps make your home more comfortable by keeping heat inside during cold weather and outside during hot weather. This means that your home’s heating and cooling system does not have to work as hard. That not only saves you money, but is also more environmentally responsible and reduces wear and tear.

More safety and security:

Today, safety and security codes are much more stringent than they were years ago. Our vinyl replacement windows are designed and tested to meet today’s highest standards. They include features such as WEN-Lock® and MAG-Lock™ (which have passed forced-entry tests) casement windows with multi-point locking hardware, and dual-point patio door locks.

Reduced noise:

Single-pane or double-pane windows with poor insulating qualities can contribute to unnecessary noise. Replacing these with better constructed replacement windows will help to reduce sound transmission, which means your home will be quieter and more enjoyable. Choose our SoundMaster glass option for even greater performance.