Home Guard Windows vs Andersen Windows? Windows, Doors & More

Are you considering the right choice for your window replacement needs? Let’s explore the key differences between Home Guard Windows and Andersen Windows, and why Windows, Doors & More stands by Home Guard for your home improvement endeavors.

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Window Materials Sunshield virgin vinyl Wood-based composite, “Fibrex.”
Available Styles Home Guard offers approximately 7 different styles of replacement windows. Andersen currently offers 7 different styles of replacement windows.
Customization Options Different colors Different finishes State-of-the-art FlexScreen Different colors Different finishes Various latch-types Various grid-types
Glass All of Home Guard’s glass options are made by Cardinal, a premium glassmaker.They offer several glass options for varying levels of energy efficiency. All of Andersen’s glass options are made by Cardinal, a premium glassmaker.Despite being made by the same manufacturer, Andersen charges more for their glass than Home Guard.
Insulation Argon gas makes up 98% of Home Guard’s window insulation.Home Guard’s warranties cover any argon gas leaks, as well. Argon gas makes up 98% of Andersen’s window insulation.
Energy Efficiency Home Guard’s high efficiency insulated glass system/doublepane clarity has:a U-Factor rating of 0.20an air infiltration rating of .01The lower the U-factor and air infiltration rate, the more energy efficient a window is. Andersen’s double-hung windows have:a U-Factor rating of .34an air infiltration rating of .12.The lower the U-factor and air infiltration rate, the more energy efficient a window is.
Warranty Home Guard windows carry an all inclusive, transferable, lifetime warranty, the same as all of the more expensive brands.All Home Guard windows carry the exclusive glass breakage warranty. Their frames, hardware, moving parts, insulated glass and screens are covered by limited warranties that typically only last between 10 and 20 years, depending on the product.
Pricing Typically $650-$1,500 per window. Typically $3,000-$4,500 per window.

Superior Materials and Longevity

Home Guard redefines the standards with its Sunshield virgin vinyl windows, renowned for unmatched durability. This contrasts sharply with Andersen’s preference for their Fibrex material. Home Guard’s vinyl frames are not only more efficient and better insulated than Andersen’s but are also designed to endure a lifetime, supported by a comprehensive lifetime non-prorated, transferable warranty.

Customization and Modern Innovation

Both Home Guard and Andersen present seven stylish window designs, offering a plethora of customization choices. Yet, Home Guard adds an innovative edge with FlexScreen window screens in all their replacement projects, setting a new benchmark in the market.

High-Quality Glass for Clarity and Efficiency

Utilizing the world-class Cardinal glass, both brands demonstrate a commitment to quality. However, Andersen’s higher price point, despite similar glass quality, raises important considerations for cost-effective home improvements.

Unparalleled Insulation

Insulation is a game-changer, and Home Guard leads the way. With a 98% Argon gas fill, far exceeding the typical 35-50% standard, Home Guard’s windows ensure superior insulation. This outstanding feature is further backed by a unique warranty covering any argon gas loss and a lifetime glass breakage warranty, even in cases of consumer fault.

Energy Efficiency: A Clear Edge

Home Guard outperforms Andersen in energy efficiency, boasting a U-factor rating of .20 against Andersen’s .01. Lower U-factor means better insulation, making Home Guard an eco-friendly choice. Additionally, Home Guard excels in air tightness with an air infiltration rating of .01, significantly lower than Andersen’s .12, ensuring minimal air leakage.

Comprehensive Warranty

Home Guard’s all-encompassing, transferable lifetime warranty, inclusive of an exclusive glass breakage warranty, sets a new industry standard. Andersen offers more limited warranties, spanning 10 to 20 years, depending on the product.

Cost-Effective Pricing

With Home Guard, expect pricing between $1200 – $2000 per window, a more budget-friendly range compared to Andersen’s $3000 – $4500. This competitive pricing, coupled with extensive warranty coverage, positions Home Guard as the smart choice for Fort Wayne residents.

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