Residential Roofing – Resilient, Reliable and Strong





What lies under your roof? What is it that your roof is protecting?

Everything you have in your home is under this single layer of protection. Your family heirlooms, irreplaceable pictures, antiques, art and collectables all depend on your roofs reliability and durability. Windows Doors & More offers the very best in roofing. From the products to the warranty, to the installation crew, you have nothing to worry about.

We offer a wide variety of roofing styles and colors.

When you choose a High Quality Roofing from Windows Doors & More, you make a decision that assures the beauty, durability and security of your home for generations.

Our Roofing is engineered to outperform ordinary roofing in every category, keeping you comfortable, your home protected, and your peace-of-mind intact for years to come with our Transferable No Nonsense Warranty.

We offer more than simple shingle roofing too. If you want to enhance the appeal of your home and offer superior protection we offer several options including: Metal Roofing Solutions, Alternative green materials, and many more options which are all Eco-friendly and long lasting!

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