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It’s that time of year again: summer barbeques, outdoor games, poolside chats.  Often, when the weather warms up and we begin to spend more time outside, ideas of improving our outdoor living space start to fill our minds. Whether your budget is small or large, our design experts at Windows, Doors & More have been helping homeowners expand their living space into the great outdoors for decades.

Deck Additions: Often times, homeowners begin with basic deck structures when adding on outdoor living space. As the years progress and families expand, however, those basic deck structures can become inadequate—leaving limited seating and insufficient space for family get-togethers and neighborhood barbeques. While the first consideration is often to completely rebuild a deck, adding simple additions can save time and money for the homeowner. In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2013 Cost vs. Value report, building a deck is associated with a high return on investment, offering the homeowner 77 percent of the original investment—proving to be one of the highest returns of any home improvement project. If your property can absorb an expansion, adding levels to a preexisting deck can also be a viable alternative. Levels allow for varying levels of entertainment, creating different living spaces for family members and guests to dine and visit.

Pergolas: Adding a pergola to an existing deck is a beautiful way to enhance the functionality of outdoor living space. Increasing the charm of the outdoor architecture, pergolas create a distinct space for dining or entertaining, and when landscaped with growing vines, they can also provide some shelter from the outdoor elements, protecting furniture and allowing homeowners and guests to fully enjoy the outdoor environment. Whether the homeowner desires a freestanding pergola or wishes for it to be connected to the home or deck, our designers and installers at Windows, Doors & More work closely with each homeowner in understanding how the homeowner’s needs and the home’s landscape should determine pergola design.

Benches: If a homeowner does not want to change the square footage of the deck, adding built-in benches along the deck’s perimeter is a simple way to maximize the functionality of the outdoor living space.

  • Maximized Seating: Using one long bench for multiple seats allows more people to use the deck than with conventional deck furniture. Built-in tables or varied bench heights clearly define outdoor space by creating specific areas for dining and lounging.
  • Unique Design: When that rolling landscape that you fell in love with when you first bought your home doesn’t appear compatible with your deck design—or any deck design, for that matter—our design experts at Windows, Doors & More can suggest alternative approaches. For example, building seating between landscape or planters creates a naturally shady spot for resting, and a steep slope that is typically seen as unusable space can be developed into an opportunity for unique seating options.
  • Varied materials: Using materials for bench construction that mimic the material throughout the rest of the landscape creates a cohesive flow that maximizes appeal.
  • Fire pits: If your deck has a fire pit, constructing seating around the pit is a great way to encourage regular use of the space where guests will never be inhibited from pulling up a seat to tell that favorite story or roast a marshmallow or two.

Outdoor kitchens: If you are a homeowner that relishes in outdoor entertainment, capitalizing on every moment that can be spent outdoors, then an outdoor kitchen might be a worthy investment. It is a myth that outdoor kitchens can only work in large environments. Truly, even the smallest of spaces can benefit from an outdoor kitchen, and whether you want to invest in a bluestone countertop or a small worktable, an enclosed shelter or a canopy umbrella, our outdoor kitchen design experts at Windows, Doors & More can offer suggestions to fit any budget.

Seasonal furniture: Outdoor furniture and rugs help to bring the beauty of the indoors outside. Whether you’re looking for aluminum, wicker, wood, or steel, Windows, Doors & More can assist you in picking the right furniture for your outdoor living space. Our outdoor cushions are of the most supreme quality, able to withstand the harsh Indiana climate while still offering beauty and comfort.

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